How do we deliver a better service to our clients?

It's simple, we are all about people. Our staff are better because we pay well and invest in them as individuals. We empower them on a daily basis, in return they care about Grace & Flavour and our clients’ businesses.

Likewise, our suppliers are people not faceless corporations. They are paid fairly and on time, in return we get the best quality produce and the best possible service at the best possible price. The end product is ultimately consumed by our customers and it is these individuals and their businesses who benefit the most.

But everyone says that?!

Some of the biggest companies in the world operate contract catering businesses. They all have fabulous websites with pictures of farmers, cows, coffee beans and happy smiley staff.

If you're looking for a contract caterer, each website that you visit will say the same thing. At Grace & Flavour we actually deliver what the pictures are saying. This is how we run our business each and every day. Our chefs could tell you the names of the butchers who cut our meat, we enjoy an occasional pint with the veg man and we have a constant crack with the coffee man about his belovedLeicester City. Grace and Flavour are a company of individuals who deal with individuals who share our values about products and people.

We care desperately about what our customers, staff and suppliers have to say about us and we're happy for you to talk to any of them.

Appointing a new caterer is a massive decision, we want that decision to be right the right one for both yourselves and Grace & Flavour. As part of our discussions why not come and test drive our business for the day. You could watch from the sidelines or even put on an apron and jump in the kitchen with the guys. We have nothing to hide and better things to spend our money on than clever marketing spin.


Ethos.... Honest....