Employee Dining

Great in-house dining keeps a workforce happy and productive.

Napoleon once said that an “army marches on its stomach”, this has not changed, although we hope that the menu is a little more varied and exciting and a lot more nutritious!

Our employee dining program offers healthy seasonal and fresh food, all prepared in-house, using local suppliers and cooked by talented chefs.

Hospitality & Fine Dining

Why not take advantage of your internal spaces and improve your meeting hospitality?

G&F can manage your spaces, commercially maximise revenues and occupancy through our skilled sales and operations teams.

There is no doubt that internal and external meetings always benefit from some imagination and flair. Gone are the days of stale coffee and curly sandwiches. Show customers and staff that you are serious about quality and creativity with a proper hospitality offer… meetings G&F style.

Venues and Heritage

We are excited to bring our unique style to venues from conference centres to stately homes. Why not concentrate on your core business and let us worry about feeding your delegates or delivering the perfect wedding? We also have the capacity and capability to deliver sales and services across your entire business. Including catering, reception, sales, housekeeping, facilities and security.


A very corporate way telling people that we do the right thing. We do. Come and talk to us our staff, customers and suppliers. We share a butcher with the Royal Household, buy our veg from a an independent family supplier, our fish comes direct from the coast. We trust our suppliers to do the right thing because we have known most of them from many years. Buying local is not a marketing initiative for Grace & Flavour it is just how we have always done business.

It keeps it fresh and seasonal, the road miles are minimal and spending locally creates and maintains jobs in the communities in which we live. We will work with our customers to find the best suppliers local to each of them, our flexible supply chain allows us to buy the best from whoever we want without the complications of centralised purchasing and retro discounts from suppliers. By engaging with our suppliers on a daily basis we can bring the freshest and best value produce to our kitchens and customers.


It's simple, we are all about people. Our staff are better because we pay well and invest in them as individuals. We empower them on a daily basis, in return they care about Grace & Flavour and our clients’ businesses.

We listen to the whole team from the management team, kitchen and operations which helps us build our business and allows G&F to deliver our core values to our clients on a daily basis.